Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Run Goodies!

There have been some running goodies coming my way lately!

Not too long ago one of my run buds introduced me to kinesiology tape (click on that linky link to learn what it is and the benefits of it).

All I can say is I was not a believer in some flimsy tape taking away my aches and soreness on my muscles....let me just say...it is MAGIC!!!

I tried out the KT Tape and will wax poetry to it any day now! LUV IT! You can get it at any of your local running stores.

Well my e-run bud Juliette (RuntoNamaste) had a giveaway on her blog from some of the Rock tape that I haven't heard about
Well I sent off for a free sample and got it in like 2 days! Wow!
I haven't tried it out yet but I will say that I already like the KT Tape better off the bat; because it already comes pre-cut and rounded along with the option to split it down the middle for the "Y" strip (lots of great videos on the website). Call me lazy but no fuss is my motto :)
Extra bonus is that KT Tape is about $7 cheaper than the Rock Tape...no brainer for me!

Then I met a new run bud who surprised me on our first run with theseHow cool is that!! Too bad he doesn't know that I am a red girl ;)
However, it was a great gift to keep me motivated for my 1st half marathon!!

Yep Kiddos CrimsonPurl will be doing her first 13.1 race in November. My training has begun
Those books have been great resources. The one on the left has me believing I can do a marathon and the one on the right keeps me laughing with each page turn :).

I also decided to try out the 22oz Elite Quickdraw bottle for my soon to be long runs *gulp*. I have taken it out for a spin once and so far so good.

I luv my hydration belt but for some reason I just don't want to mess with it the longer I have to run with it around my waist and reaching back for a bottle. The quickdraw you don't have to clutch at all it literally stays fitted in your hand.

In other "prepping for my half marathon" news - I tried on these puppies

Let me tell you...they can stand up on their freakin' own!!! I am so gonna invest in these for my marathon...when I win the lottery LOL They are very pricey but now I understand why...MEGA SUPPORT!!! (They use the kinesiology wrapping within it...See!) They will be worth it! And heck..I am worth! (so are my buns and back Haha)

Until next time..keep kickin' those miles!


  1. A friend of mine uses KT tape and likes it better for the same reasons. I'll have to give it a try, and I'll start saving my pesos for that sexy yet functional compression pants. I was always curious about the science behind the design and never thought it was a built in kinesio system. Sold, sold and sold! Good luck with training girlie. I'm super excited for your half marathon adventure!

  2. Hi Crimson,
    Congrats on your first half marathon. I'm running my first in November too. I've been eyeing those 13.1 stickers for a few months now. They do come in white -- I'm not a "pink" girl either. Check out my blog at www.runningmystyle.com. I'll add you to my blog list.
    I prefer the two bottle fuel belt over the single for my runs. Kineso tape works. It got me through plantar fascitis and my first 10K. I plan to get a pair of the compression tights for my later training runs. Happy training!

  3. Thanks Jada!! So appreciate you following me on my blog. For some reason I couldn't pull up your website.

    If you get the chance shoot me over your e-mail address to: crimsondiva1999@yahoo.com
    I usually respond to comments faster over there :)

    Wishing you well on your 1st half marathon training too!!