Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personal Records

Looks like I met my personal goal/challenge to clock in 80 miles for the month of August:

I also was able to get up to 8 miles for my LR in the month of August and did my first 9 miler this past weekend in September.

Now comes the double digit runs *gulp*.
I have never ran 10+ miles before and a little anxious about it but know I will be okay this week.
What concerns me is when I see the numbers go up to 16, 18, 20, 22....

Say what?!?

Yep I just put it out there.....

I am thinking about doing my 1st full marathon this year in December at ThunderRoad instead of scheduling it as my second half marathon.....we shall see.

It all depends on how good I feel about my long runs. If not, no biggie.
I will run the mini marathon as originally planned (and already registered!).

As far as training I am only running 3x a week, but that does not include my speedwork so I guess technically that is 4x a week.

I am running with a training group that is doing the LRs for a full so I will continue with them while I have the support/encouragement and pull back guilt-free if I need to before then.

My primary goal is to have a successful training (which means injury-free along with strong endurance/speed) and overall good marathon (half or full) experience. Period.

Yep so that's what I will be working on!

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