Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Got the Bug!

I went off and did it.....I got the bug! The RUNNING Bug! :) Last year I really wanted to look into running as a cheaper alternative to exercise and a way to transform my body.

I had bumped into two friends (Madinah & Joyce - Heeeey!) and asked them what they had been doing b/c they looked so great!! And they replied "running" which got my wheels turning.....

However, I was all "talk" about getting running shoes for months!! l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y Like from March to August *gawk* Finally broke down to get the proper fitting and went off and purchased an "entry" running shoe type (bad decision - another post).

The Couch 2 5K (C25K) was my mission plan to accomplish a goal I discovered in my old exercise journal waaaay back in 2001 (to simply run 10 minutes straight - amazed I can do that now!!). I could barely run 90 secs back in August '09! And running 3 minutes seemed like an eternity!!

But I started noticing myself improving little by little. So I kept at it. It took forever...and I mean forever to build up my endurance as I repeated C25K weeks several times. I attempted to run outside once and decided I was a punk and would remain a 'Treadmill Baby' :) :) Besides it was getting cold out and winter was setting in..hmph

However I knew I needed to push myself in order to get over my 15min ceiling. I discovered a wonderful running group (another great post) in early January '10 and that did the trick!! I started hitting the road and had women there to support me with no pressure!

By then I caught another bug....The RACE bug!! I initially signed up back in mid-January for the Cooper River Bridge 10K that is to take place in March.
Say WHAT?!?!? Was I thinking??

I was introduced to it by one of my co-workers who heard the zeal in my new running adventures. However, I didn't realize how "big" this race is (3rd 10k in the nation) until 'after' I registered LOL

I was intrigued by the race b/c it would demolish 3 of my fears at once - running my 1st race, heights/bridges, and swimming (I can't lol). Plus I LUV Charleston and had not been there in 5 years (mini vacay all rolled up into one!)

Well after I rounded up some girlfriends to go in on this crazy plan of mine Haha I started getting nervous about how I could barely run 3 miles let along SIX miles and that this would be my first race. So I immediately signed up for another race instead (and begged for someone to do it with me - Thanks Katrina!! xoxo) :)

My very first 5K on TODAY!!! (Cupid's Cup 5K)

Funny pic I had to take since it was the "Cupid Cup" and all LOL

This race technically should have been last week but Charlotte had a "snow blizzard" (being sarcastic) that happened the night before so it was postponed. I was so hyped and had all my fellow running buddy tips in my head - but nothing...such a let down. Pooh.

So this morning when I woke up...I really wasn't all that excited or nervous...just ready to DO IT! Plus the extra week gave me more time to train and buy some thermal DriFit leggings I needed Haha (guess it really does all work out for the best).

My goal for this race: To get from the start to finish line not crawling on my knees! LOL
Then it started to first I wanted to do it within 30 minutes...then just to run the entire 5K period...then run it within 35 minutes (which was decided 2 secs before the gunshot Haha). All that didn't matter as...I just wanted to DO IT!! And I DID!! :)

I ran it in 32:38 minutes! And at a pace of 10:31 minutes a mile...woot!

Here is a "course map" from my RunKeeper GPS app. There were two UP hills and two down hills. After I got up the second hill I did walk a 'smidgen' ;op But was overall pleased with my 1st run.

I have now started my 2010 race list!!! (another post)

Hence me now catching The Running Blog Bug!! I started to randomly lurk on a few that are very helpful/informative and realized literally just last night that I should be journaling about my experience as a beginner! :) I really wish I had started sooner to see the changes I was going thru at the time. So here I am...and I promise all my posts won't be this long LOL (hey it's the inaugural one!)

My reasons now for running have evolved (separate post too),
but it is safe to say that I have a "strong like" towards it! :)


  1. Great job! I haven't even run a 5K at 10:31 pace. LOL!

  2. Congrats, that's an awesome time for your first 5K. Welcome to blogland, Runner :)

  3. WAY TO GO Stacey!!!!! I am so happy you are enjoying yourself. Keep it up, you are my motivation now:)

  4. Congrats! Great time! I'm looking forward to the day I run my first 10k.

  5. WAY TO GO STACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!