Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RaceFest 10K or Bust!

I flattened those hills baby!!!! (well...almost all of them LOL)

As I mentioned in my last post this course was very hilly on the front and back end!
Lets just say I loathe the streets named Barclay Downs & Runnymede LOL

I did the 10K which made it my 2nd one within 2 weeks!! Yes I was crazy but my eyes were filled with stars for that darn medal!! They gave them out for both the 10K & marathon. You rarely see that for 10Ks, plus it doubled as my birthday run too!

And I got it!! YAYAYAY!

My Prep for this race was what I mentioned in my last post. Ran the first two miles of the course on the Monday before and the last two miles of the course on that Wednesday (the hardest parts) with rest for two days before race day. I was glad that I did a course preview by foot (as it lessened my anxiety some).

I also pumped up my potassium with V8 and continued to pop my fish oil pills in hopes to alleviate cramping.

The morning of I was able to do "my duty" :) and ate a small bowl of oatmeal. I also chomped down on my sport beans about 15 minutes before the start time.

The race itself was filled to capacity at 2,800 so this is a very popular race here in Charlotte! Both mini marathoners and 10K runners started out together but split at the 3 mile marker.

The first two miles I ran continuous just to push thru the hills and a cutie doing the 1/2 marathon was pretty much running beside me keeping me going with his cute legs ;op

With my continuous pace and my avg 11:00 pace I was ahead of my girlfriends a bit. About mile maker 1.75ish...I had the urgency to pee!! UGH!

Thank goodness for the PortaJohns at mile 3 (whew!) that ate up 3-5minutes of my time waiting in line..ugh!

So I was able to catch up with my running pals but soon passed them as mile 4-4.5 on Sharon Road is pretty much flat land so I kicked it up a bit; and that is when I found my "Running Bunny".

I always look for a "Running Bunny" who is someone that is almost running the same pace as me or a tad bit faster that I "follow" or won't feel like I am running by myself. This gurl and I was pretty much "instep" even though I could tell she was a bit faster than me but she kept me going!!

Right before the "Big A" hill in the neighborhood I slowed up because my right foot started going numb on me!!!!!!! But at least it was only one this time (gotta figure this issue out..sigh) so I paused to wiggle my toes and adjust my socks and walked it out a bit.

I then geared up to tackle the "Big A" hill and kept running after I went over it until I saw the last water/gatorade stand. Let me just say I typically never like stopping for those but this time a cute little gurl had her hand out with the green gatorade cup and I was like "gimme that cup lil gurl!!" I kept running and sipped on it happily via Chicrunner style (she has it down to a science how you drink & run with those cups that she has on video Luv it! haha).

I then kept running thru my numb foot up Barclay Downs when I started losing steam...that is when I started encouraging other people that looked like they were struggling...Why?? Because that is what encourages me!

Pushing my way up the slowly growing and winding hills I noticed a guy who was in the race straight up strolling...I mean enjoying his walk LOL And I said to him over my music "You wanna run with me?".

Do you know about 30 secs later he started running with me!!!!! Theme for this race: God Truly Sends You Running Angels!!!

I truly believe that now! Last 10K it was Cedric Lucky (how ironic) my conversation buddy, and this time his name was Mike the guy who got me thru the end (thank goodness for men!). I could tell he was actually faster than me but was keeping pace for my benefit Haha! He literally ran with me to the VERY end!!!! (we have the exact same time too). We sprinted thru the finish line together!! I canNOT tell you how much that meant to me!! (and I told him that too!)

I made it! (1:08:23)

Towards the end when I knew I was getting closer to the finish line I could feel myself having trouble breathing (truly)..and I don't know why...b/c I didn't do that last time. So I had to calm myself down Haha. I think it was the anticipation of the finish line and the frustration not knowing where it was at (how about we got duped at the 2nd to the last timer thinking it was the last one and we weren't thru the finish line yet...doh!!)

I was able to shave off 3 minutes of my CRBR race time with a more difficult course, a numb foot & a potty break too!! YAYAYAY!

The end of the race party was great by giving out wine and beer. Yep....I made sure to have my limit :)

What a great way to celebrate 6.2 miles!!

I also saw another familiar face in the crowd after the race that was at my first 5K (Cupid Cup) and she gave me some great pre-race tips.

Tips I learned:

  • Take ibuprofen before the race as it will offset any soreness in advance!
  • Drink your caffeine/energy as it will absorb faster in your system
  • Raise your arms and keep walking after you finish a race if you are having trouble breathing

We had a good time hanging out together afterwards and hope to see her at many more races to come!

My last sighting was a blogger I love following and on his FB fanpage too! :) Theoden is a hardcore runner and who I just admire and get lots of inspiration from to keep going!! Glad I got to meet him in real life even though I was looking crazy lol

This race was so worth the prep and whining and complaining especially, just to feel that bday medal weight around my neck!! :)

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  1. Gotta love meeting up with folks! Be careful with the Ibuprofen as it can irritate your stomach and contribute to Runner's trots. I'm so glad you had fun and so sad I couldn't run it with you...but those hills definitely would have put my Achilles out of commission. :(