Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Be Encouraged Boo!

Yep I have another race coming up!

This Saturday it will be the CPCC Skyline 5K; at least this one will only be 3.1 miles vs. 6.2 miles :)

After this one I won't have another race until late May so I am done with actually running races for a moment (not long though!).

"Test drove" the course today after work to get personal with all the dips challenges and markers. I believe it will be just fine as the last .5 miles is all gravy = downhill!!

In the meantime, thought I would post up a quick note as I saw a thread on the Cool Running FB page about "What phrases of encouragements do you like to hear in a race??"

Would love to hear yours :)

Mine would be something like: "Keep Going!!" "Run Hard!" "GO GO GO!"

Personally I love the clapping and cheering the best as they get me crunk!!!
I detest those who come out and just standby to "watch" us run like we are some show in the early freakin' AM on a SATURDAY!! My Thoughts: Stay Home!

Here are some others good ones I read in the thread that I liked:
  • "You can do this!"
  • "You are doing great!"
  • "Keep it up!"
  • "That's the last hill!" (Tee hee!)
  • "Stay strong" (now that's a good one!)
  • "Food over there!" ROTFL

Things some runners don't like:

  • "You are almost there" (ur I am really not LOL)
  • "You are looking great" (really I am about to have a panic attack Haha)

Honestly I must agree that anyone that shows up and says anything positive is a GOOD THING!! Y'all know I am big on cheerleaders at races! Soooooo appreciative of them!

One person mentioned how they "adopt race families" Haha!! Which I thought that is so true and neat. As I've always wished those families who were standing waiting on "their" runner to cheer with the special poster, pom poms and such was really my family cheer squad. So I think I am going to start pretending to do that too now ;op

In fact I recall seeing a family and saying that I imagined that was my name on the poster (because they still cheered for me) Haha!

Truth be told.....I have this favorite "running song" by Kirk Franklin that is called Brighter Day and in it at least twice he says "Don't Be Cute With It!" and "Come On!". And he has another song called Looking For You where he repeats/says "Be Encouraged Boo!" BOTH of those songs help me push it out!!! e.v.e.r.y. single time!! Just luv it!!

Welp thought I would just share some encouraging cheer phrases we runners like to during races to keep us going!

Until next run time :)

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  1. Now you know I like to leave a posting on facebook with "Be encouraged" as a parting thought. This posting made me smile. I'll remember the little suggestions you've made if I ever go to watch (joining is another thing)a race.

    I may not be at your race. But don't you worry. I'm always your cheerleader here and I wish you much success in all your races. Think about a six foot tall lanky african american queen sitting on the sidelines cheering you on. Don't laugh too hard because you don't want to lose your pace. Be Encouraged no matter what my dear!

    Run Crimison Run!