Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sugar Does Melt!

Tuesday night I was available and had been wanting to finally make it to one of my running groups "hillwork" session.

Now mind you I had already made the announcement in advance several times on various occasions to numerous people that I do not run in the rain. I don't do rain. period.

Ur uh...yeah

That day it rained on & off the entire time into the evening. I made a late afternoon tweet announcement to Ms. Marilie and KD that I will not be running if it is still raining at 6:45pm! :) They scolded me telling me that was a whole 3 hours away and anything could happen by then.

Well it sure did!!

It was only sprinkling when it came time for me to leave and head on over, so I decided to be a trooper and go.

....then it started to get heavier...I texted KD and asked...are you still going? She gave the affirmative reply and I was like...guess I still keep going Haha!

We were all there....all 4 of us LOL and I was hoping someone would say "lets just skip it" as I would have immediately hopped back in my car ;op Didn't happen.

We did a 1 mile warm up on the winding hills (whew) and planned to do 20 sec sprints up a designated hill for ten repeats. By the time we got out the second sprint it cracked, thundered, and lightened ALL at the same time as I let out a Yelp!! Grabbing on "somebody" Hahahaha!

Finally someone came to their senses and said lets GO!!! :)

And thank goodness one of the guys who organizes the running group circled back to check on us and took us back to our cars!!!
I was so not up to doing the mile back in the pouring rain and possibly getting LIT UP on our way to safety Hahaha!

Needless to say I was proud that I finally got broken in and RAN IN THE RAIN! With my sistah gurls too :)
But neva again!! (if I know in advance)
Don't y'all know sugar melts when wet ;o)

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  1. ROTFLMAO! It was NOT that bad! You did not melt, and you made it in one piece and were able to write this blog. See how that all worked out? And, I believe that was ME you grabbed on to. I think we all screamed when that crack of thunder hit. Oh well, at least we were dedicated!

    I'm so glad you did come out. And now you see what I was talking about when I said the warm up was a workout in itself!