Friday, October 1, 2010


So I don't know the exact day of my running anniversary, but I do remember which month I decided to switch my talk into true action.

Last September 2009 I began with my very first step into running! You can read all about that here.

I never thought I would be running as much as I am today. Training for a marathon. Or still stick to running this long! :) Now I know that running is the perfect fitness outlet just for me!

I ended my Runiversary month (Sept) pounding out 97 miles and yesterday being the last day of the month with a run that royally sucked!! Oh well, at least I know that there are good runs and bad runs and charge it up as experience.

While training for my marathon and finally entering into the double digit miles. I thought I would jot down a few notes (for myself really) on how I felt after each long run.

Lets call it my "Run Diary"
10 miles:

I felt good and it didn't even feel like 10 miles. However, I was a bit sore after my run on Day 2. I religiously began to slather BioFreeze on myself while in the women's stall at work, as this is the first time my knees started to actually bother me! They were sore and felt stiff during & after the run.
My massage stick also became my new purse accessory :)

12 miles:

I couldn't freakn' believe it and had an awesome pace (avg 10:00)! I felt great! Soreness was not a big of an issue at all after this run. I did begin wearing KT Tape for my 'runner knees' for support/recovery.

14 miles:
Quietly I had a mini panic attack on the inside before this run as I was feeling terrible the day before and was taking medicine that made me have to use the bathroom frequently. How the h$#@ was I supposed to do 14-freakin-miles like this!?!

Well I slowed down on the meds early as well as my liquids and prayed.

3 miles into the run I had to use the portajohn for serious business and after that was totally fine. Felt great on this run too but about mile 8-9 I realized that at least TWO energy food packets are needed to keep me going (I was getting weary), and this was the 1st time I freezed my water which was warranted.

Recently I was chatting it up with some people at a volunteer event (Ramblin Rose) about my training, and this one guy said you really should not train by mileage but rather by time. If you can run 3:00-3:30 hours straight you can do a full marathon. I could see the logic in that. Heck I can't believe I am running more than 2 hours now!!

Happy Runiversary to me!

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  1. Happy Runniversary and good job knocking out those long runs!