Saturday, January 29, 2011

Break Over

Welp it has been over a month since I did my 1st marathon.
Seems like eons ago but it really wasn't that long ago.

And I still can't believe "I" 'Me" "Stacey Michelle" actually did it!!

Here are a couple of fav pics that trickled in after the marathon
(with my Red Squad group)
I LUV the "pack" look and we so look like a TEAM! Unity!!

And this one of me and my baby :)

(Black Love!)

I still haven't bite the bullet on purchasing all of my marathon photos yet...I gotta hurry up and make the decision before they take them off this week...we shall see.

There are a few things I wanted to mention regarding my "recovery" that I would have done differently:

  1. Take an ice bath!! Yes!! DO IT! And IMMEDIATELY after your race
  2. Take an epsom salt bath a couple of days later
  3. Get a massage! (recommended a few days later as well)

All three of these things I regret not doing (and knew better!) and would have aided in faster recovery with less soreness, aches, & pains.

Life After the Marathon

  • I took a 3 week break (and needed it!!)
  • Slowly got back into running by doing intervals (1:2). First run was about 2.3 miles and half way in my knees started aching...lawd help me
  • My desire to run was - zelch
  • Getting started again was hard as hell! (Thank you Chris for pushing & encouraging me)
  • I didn't think I had to start all over again...but I did..literally (did lots of walking and did a lot of 4 milers)
  • Did my 1st "long" run since the marathon of 8 miles - and thought I was just finished a marathon LOL
  • My knees didn't get back into feeling "normal" until about 4 runs later
  • Winter time cold AM temps did not help me get back into my groove at all. As I don't do well with evening runs (hard to squeeze in with busy schedule).
  • Desire to run any race....nonexistent!
  • And can you believe I plan to do another marathon this year *gasp*
  • Overall glad I am back at it again

2010 Race Year in Review

Love that I did so many races. It was my 1st year of running and that is what kept me motivated.

Overall I did 9 races: 3 - 5Ks, 3- 10Ks, 1- 8k, 1 - half, and 1 - full :)

December was my lowest mileage month of 32.5 as the majority of it was my marathon miles and a taper run prior to the race.

As I mentioned I have been having the winter blahs and a rough time getting back into running post marathon well these new kicks shook a little of that off

I won the pair on the right! Why not go for something funky that will make a great racing shoe. Maybe I will get my racing mojo back in time for my half marathon scheduled in March...right around the corner!

Run Strong Peeps!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww I love the pic of you guys holding hands!

    Kayla would LOVE those pink and green shoes lol.

  2. I'm so impressed. I wanna jog! I'm going to do it one of these days.

    Keep up the good work! You're amazing!

    Be Encouraged!