Friday, December 31, 2010

Because I Can

Right on time for me and I just loved this blog excerpt By Kristin Armstrong - Mile Markers

"On my jog this morning. The cool air felt fresh in my lungs. My legs felt heavy but happy to move after a period of rest. The morning sun made me squint under the visor of my cap. My feet made the familiar slap slap slap beneath me. I wasn't running to clear my head (it was already clear). I wasn't running as part of a to-do on my training program. I wasn't running to shed any pounds. I wasn't running with a Garmin to keep any pace. I wasn't running with any agenda, direction, or distance in mind. I wasn't running as a have-to, to check it off my list. I wasn't running to alleviate heaviness of heart. I wasn't running to mull over a problem. I wasn't running to burn off a bad mood. I wasn't running to purge any toxins. I wasn't running because I was in a hurry.

Today was one of those times where the sweetness of this statement overrides all else:

I run because I can.

Any time we decide to take it.

So take it. Because you can"

Happy New Year!

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