Sunday, May 9, 2010

Racing 360

What I have come to realize quickly in running races is that I can't do them all.
Whether it's time, physical energy or money. Primarily for me race fees add up fast and it can get expensive!

So since I may not be able to run in all races I figured I could participate in a couple of ways; either being a cheerleader :) or thru volunteerism.

I decided to give my time at the Right Moves for Youth Twilight 5K (RMFY) this past Friday night
and then turned around early the next morning to help out with the Girls on the Run 5K (GOTR)
Both organizations hold a special spot with me. RMFY I helped write a grant for them during my graduate studies and became very familiar with how they help youth succeed in school (low dropout/truancy) and to stay away from risky behaviors.

During the RMFY Twilight 5K I assisted with the chip pick-up processFirst of all....I think these little devices should be extinct. It is a waste of time energy and resources on both sides (runners picking-up and race coordinators spending time to organize them) IMHO.

*in my Forest Gump voice* And that is all I'm gonna say about that :)

I just wish all races would move away from these chips to D-tags or bibs with the timing device. The races I sign up for that use these disposable timing options will always get two thumbs up from me!!

That evening was above normal in temp for spring and to say it was hot for an evening run! LOL

I saw lots of familiar faces in the running community that I am becoming more exposed to little by littleand got to see my favorite local running public figure Thedon :) who wrote a great post about his run during this race.

The next morning I was reporting for duty at 6:45AM for the GOTR 5K to help work the pre-registration.

I have always admired GOTR over the years because of my personal passion to uplift girls self-esteem in any capacity.

To give you an idea of how it was going this was the line that morning

Lots of young girls and parents everywhere. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish I had volunteered as a running buddy during this non-competitive race, and will be sure to do that next year instead.

I luv'd the fact that everyone, specifically the girls all had the same bib number :)

How cool is that!!

Well I must say I have now experienced races from a 3-legged stool perspective in being a racer, cheerleader, and now volunteer. Full circle. 360.

And I must say all three require hard work & energy, but being a racer is the best of them all!

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  1. Wow, you're very active in the running community on all fronts. Very cool of you to volunteer! You're right about the race fees. I feel like I need a second job to fund this 'hobby' :) I also started cutting back. Sometimes rolling out of bed whenever, and running whatever distance you want is the best! :)